Greetings to all readers of Habrahabr.

    Today I have prepared a script for you with which you can provide yourself with convenient navigation through the comments. Click on the picture to download the script for Greasemonkey (if you do not want to click on the picture - click on this link ), and for now I will tell you the details about this thing.

    What is this all about?

    CommentsFx is a script that adds new features to the Habrahabr comment pages. CommentsFx is essentially part of HabraFx, but I also decided to give other users the opportunity to use this extension bypassing the HabraFx installation (some users do not need all the features of HabraFx). HabraFx users should not worry: very soon the extension will be updated and will include the functionality of CommentsFx.

    How to install?

    You will need Greasemonkey to install. I think that problems should not arise here, but if they arise, write in the comments.

    What can?

    Here is a list of the skills of the current version of the extension:
    1. Sort comment branches by date;
    2. Display only new comments (more precisely, branches with new comments);
    3. Concealment of comments with some strange things incomprehensible to an ordinary person;
    4. Linear display of comments (this kind of viewing is sometimes very useful);
    5. Managing comments of individual users: highlighting comments of specific users, hiding their comments;
    6. Status memory: you do not have to reconfigure the extension each time you open comments again, since CommentsFx remembers your choice and honors it;
    7. Robbery of trains and caravans .

    I think it's not worth talking for a long time - try everything yourself.


    Minimized state (like blood):

    Maximized state:

    Parting words

    You can modify the script as much as you want: I am only happy with the innovations and ideas from the community. Good luck to you all!

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