Songsterr - tablatures that you can listen to. Continuation

    Friends and colleagues! We would like to talk about what happened to our startup Songsterr since the last post in late July. Encouraged by the positive feedback received on Habré, we sent a press release about the launch to the leading blogs and, which was a surprise to us, the reviews were published by Techcrunch , Mashable and Lifehacker .

    Probably, everyone will be interested to know what effect this "flare" has given in traffic. Here are the numbers for transitions from different resources for the entire period from August 1 to September 30:

    • - 2224 transitions;
    • - 654 transitions;
    • - 5,403 transitions;
    As you might expect, provides traffic in an indirect way, as news spreads from blogs to this resource. On August 20, the day of publication, we received attendance of almost 25,000 people. Nevertheless, the biggest and most stable source of traffic for us was stumbleupon - more than 150,000 people came to our site through stumbleupon. "Exposure" occurred by itself, without our participation. Here is a schedule of attendance from August 1 to September 30 with an explanation of some peaks:

    That's not all! Over the past time, a new functionality has been implemented:

    Support for all tools . Now we have the same set of instruments as in Guitar Pro, including different types of electric guitars, bass, drums.

    Mixer . The mixer provides a number of features:
    • selection of the displayed tab in songs with several guitar parts;
    • selection of tracks that are currently being played (mute and solo modes);
    • track volume control;

    For example, we recommend listening to the following tracks:

    Guns N 'Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine (Multitrack)
    Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (Multitrack)
    Metallica - Nothing Else Matters (Multitrack)
    Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Multitrack)
    The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (Multitrack)

    Also added support for full-screen mode and the ability to print tab.

    Immediate plans:

    1. Implementation of a full-fledged multi-level catalog and search.

    2. Support for guitar effects (bands, slides).

    3. Model for adding and fixing songs a la Wikipedia. Sample implementation:
    • near any song there is a “Fix” link, when clicked, the user is prompted to download a tab;
    • the user downloads the tab, fixes it in Gutar Pro, downloads the new version and adds a comment about the essence of the fix;
    • the moderator and / or other users check the corrections made.

    Why so? An online editor is a long and complicated thing, and besides, those users who are able to find an error in the tab and fix it are most likely familiar with Guitar Pro.

    Why should this work? Because there are a lot of guitar tablature sites where users, on their own initiative, post tablatures of famous groups created or edited by them.

    Traditionally, we will be grateful for feedback, impressions, wishes for further development. Reasoned criticism is welcome.

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