Maybe you should partially leave copy-paste?

    I've been all about itI think. Habr is not a place for stolen content, no one disputes this. But look what happens. There are blogs that for the most part consist of copy-paste by definition. E.g. "News". Habrahabr does not have its own news agency, and users are not journalists. Anyway, any blog always has news. And they, by the way, are very readable and negotiable. What now turns out: do we either have whole pages of links to other resources (and does the Habr administration need users to leave the site?), Which, in my opinion, and in appearance, is even worse than copy-paste texts. Or they used it completely prefer not to get into copy-paste, fearing a ban, and Habr simply falls out of the information field. And instead of going into the hub and getting all the necessary information on it, now I will have to leave it, to get the rest of the information on competing resources. This is not buzzing.
    My suggestion.
    Allow copy paste in one single News Blog. Strictly describe and observe the criteria in it: news, a link, the author of the original material, publication, etc. This will not be a shame. Dixi

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