About Business Lynch, Chrome and People.ru

    In fact, these are three different small caustic posts that I have combined into one.

    From September 1, Artemy Lebedev tm strikes with the verbosity of his comments in Business Lynch: “Oh ** nno” - “Shit” - “Oh ** nno” - “Shit”. It is logical to assume what reviews will undergo the next post (September 5th). Well, we’re betting :-)

    In my opinion, the new Chrome browser from Google has every chance of getting into the Guinness Book of Records in the nomination the fastest-decoying (what a word!) Product. Because from the moment of its appearance, until the moment when he became an outright slaughter, a little more than a day passed. Do not judge strictly, this is purely my personal opinion, and I do not impose it on anyone.

    Finally, lo and behold! Not so long ago, in guest books on the service narod.ru (remember this?) They introduced captcha. Either the guys had a bad conscience (for more than 10 years they had lived without captcha somehow), or they wanted to check if only bots were talking in the people's guest rooms, which would not be surprising at all. People.ru was and remains the very first in Runet semblance of a social network that has not suffered almost any changes in more than 10 years (!!!). Well, maybe they screwed the captcha ...

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