Flickr jokes about the internet

    Wandering around the "Flicker" in search of interesting photos, came across an Internet theme.
    From some works he laughed heartily, thought that I could share with the habr community.
    Laughing is good, every minute of laughter extends our life for several hours.
    So why not find another reason to smile or cheer yourself up ?!

    “Wally knows the Internet.”
    © by daviddelarosa

    “If browsers were girls.”
    © by yonmacklein

    “Internet addiction.”
    © by acangiano A

    wireless network called “Stop stealing my internet!”
    © by kymberlie

    “No one knows on the Internet that you are a dog. ”
    © by ben_lawson

    Has he not bitten you yet?”
    © by soulphoto

    no comments
    © by brothermagneto

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