Do you believe your provider?

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released an alpha version of the Switzerland utility, designed to test the network neutrality of Internet providers.

    The utility checks the integrity of the IP-stream of data transmitted over the network, and signals a violation of packet integrity.
    By issuing this utility, EFF confirms its tough stance regarding providers' compliance with the principles of network neutrality.
    According to Fred Lochmann, senior consultant for intellectual property rights at EFF, EFF is not able to detect all instances when providers modify data flows through their networks, but they are able to provide users with a tool to identify these actions.

    Switzerland utility allows you to identify cases of the implementation of advertising banner systems, censorship systems, as well as much more. The utility uses a P2P-like architecture, which allows Switzerland-clients to exchange information with each other and with a central server. The collected data is automatically analyzed, eliminating the need for manual processing.

    Switzerland is licensed under the GPL.
    Sources are available at SourceForge and are part of the Check Your Provider project.

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