coDraw - startup for the week

    Thanks to all those who a week ago took part in the discussion of the Two Sheets project. Misha_kvakin

    and I took into account most of the comments and suggestions and are pleased to present the coDraw project - joint drawing .

    We added everything that you so lacked, and fixed what was not convenient. Presently:
    • One big field.
    • A set of necessary tools: pencil, line, rectangle .
    • Ability to upload images , add by link.
    • Adding to the drawing area a preview of any site, drawing with text .
    • Convenient chat. Now, not two people, but up to 5 (more - negotiated separately).
    • Save . With a view of all the action! Better to see once: a demo from merdanchik (thank you very much).
    • And all the pluses from the last project, while no flash .
    In the comments, as usual, any comments and suggestions are welcome.

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