Final rumor digest update

    I want to say that for today, including last night, I managed to read and “ process ” a really huge number of opinions on the topic of everything that happened or did not happen to Samiznaetek. Comments met a wide variety, from outright delirium to funny nonsense. Unfortunately, a significant part of our domestic network community spoke out frankly in a rude, cynical, rude, even disgusting way.

    At first, I myself took the message about Artemy’s wound as another duck, a stupid rally. But the more real information appeared, the more idiotic assumptions the network multiplied, for example, that Mr. A. Nosik shot A. Lebedev (although I must give credit to this author, I laughed), the more I wanted so that all this turns out to be another stupid joke of Samiznaeteko. I treat Lebedev ambiguously, but still with great respect. In fact, I would like to wish Artemy a speedy recovery from a bruise, a gunshot, or God forbid “urology” (there were such assumptions), from any ailment that I would not wish to any of us. And I also want to thank all those who wrote today not about black PR, but about their good wishes to the victim, and I also want to show my respect to that girl from LJwho left Artemia a comment with a list of links to good films! In my opinion this is one of the best comments of the day.

    Judging by some "quantitative indicators", not everyone agreed with me, it always happens. I hope I didn’t offend anyone very much with my digest, whom I offended, please forgive me, and I had no thoughts. Well, a moron, he is also a moron in Africa. So I don’t feel sorry for karma either literally or figuratively.

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