At airports they forget about 10 thousand laptops per week

    A study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, shows that every week at US airports (only large and medium airports) people forget more than 10 thousand laptops. This data is based on a study of 106 airports in 46 states. So, the largest number of laptops is forgotten at the five largest airports: Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Chicago and Newark.

    The most likely places where forgetful businessmen leave their technological good are security checkpoints, departure areas and toilets. The latter account for 9% of all forgotten laptops.

    It is interesting that most of those (67%) who forgot the devices do not even try to return them. Many attribute this “behavior” to the fact that they don’t even hope to find a loss, and some (16% of respondents) answered that they would not even move if they lost a laptop at the airport. And this despite the fact that more than half of laptops, according to their owners, contain confidential information of the company in which the inattentive passenger works. And many are simply embarrassed to declare the loss of a laptop, because they don’t want to look embarrassed in the eyes of colleagues. And throw everything on thieves. By the way, laptops in the states are also stolen in considerable quantities (about 22% of all missing).

    The information for thought, of course, is interesting. But, one wonders, why did the Ponemon Institute start picking data and questioning forgetful passengers? All for good reason. This study was commissioned by the Ponemon Institute by Dell, which recently announced a new security service (finding and recovering lost laptops) for business consumers. This service uses technology (including GPS) to find lost laptops, which even allows you to remotely erase data on your hard drive.


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