By deceiving others we harm ourselves

    I think that English scientists have their own studies on this score, though I am not familiar with them, but I have a great deal of experience in this.

    An experience that it's high time to end.

    So why is cheating bad? I’m not talking about what we’re doing badly to someone, but because we are deceiving we inflict great harm on ourselves.

    Why are we taking time?

    1) We want to hide our act (past);
    2) We want to hide our intentions (future);

    In both cases, you create in your head and try to create a new “virtual” reality of reality in the head of another person. The reality you need to support.

    If you cheat about your act, the memory of him and your version will remain in your head forever. This will lead to the fact that your mind and psyche will spend some of the energy on preserving and supporting this duplicated information, instead of forgetting about it and directing your eyes to joyful and pleasant things.

    If there are too many such actions, you begin to get confused in the variants of events and the amount of mental energy spent on supporting and inventing these realities increases in progression.

    If you are cheating with regards to your intentions - you complicate the field of reality and are forced to keep in mind not only the actual course of events, but also your fictional one. To be honest, many people don’t fully understand the reality, and instead of studying it, they spend the effort on creating and maintaining a virtual fantasy.

    The first reason why it’s harmful to cheat is that you spend a lot of psychic energy on maintaining alternative versions, instead of forgetting about these events and living a full life.

    Another reason - deception is the path of war.

    In war, an alternative reality, in which the adversary believes, helps transfer him to his field of play and make him play by his own rules. The best way to war is to cheat.

    But admit, do you like being constantly on the battlefield? Or has our civilization already reached the level where you can relax and enjoy life? Enjoy the reality as it is, and leave the deceit to the warriors.

    The second reason why cheating is not good is that you constantly put yourself on the field of hostilities, instead of living in favorable peaceful conditions.

    PS Imagine how hard it is for people who manage to deceive themselves ...
    PPS Most of all I am surprised - why do things that you will have to hide later.

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