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    In the process of the first discussion on Habré, I received many useful comments, remarks, reasonable and not very suggestions. Something can not be implemented ever, much remains to be done, and some of the discussion has been introduced to TIKR.ru . For example, we continued the user’s "cloud" of the site we liked and created a section on technical analysis. Today we launched a new version dedicated to investment portfolio management.

    In this article, I would like to tell for those who are just starting to be interested in investing, what
    - such an investment portfolio
    - is made in the new version of TIKR.ru
    Well, the most valuable thing for me is to collect new wishes, discuss them with a respected public.

    So what exactly is a “portfolio”? This is a set of assets - as a rule, but not always - of securities. From the investor's point of view, a portfolio of different securities allows you to minimize the risk of losing immediately all the money invested. Under relatively ordinary economic assumptions, it can be algebraically shown that each of two stocks with a dispersion of a similar size will have a dispersion larger than a portfolio of the same stocks.

    In the broad sense of the word, an investment portfolio may involve very different assets, far beyond just stocks traded on the stock exchange. For example - debt bonds, various derivatives of stocks and bonds, and so-called “depositary receipts” - global (“GDR”) or - American companies (“ADR”) preferred by Russian companies in the past. The investment portfolio may include (for now) non-tradable shares of your startup, an apartment, money in an account with Sberbank, a football club, a yacht, etc. Earlier in history, some continued this list of captured women; but I am against, because then it is necessary to add men, raise the themes of slavery and serfs, and other things that we forgot about in our habr-civilization.

    Many effective people intuitively manage their time as an investment portfolio. For example, investing in education is also, as a rule, an asset that diversifies my investment portfolio. A company can diversify by investing in equipment and technology, as well as in people, research, culture, etc. In general, I simply urge to consider portfolio investments more broadly than the folk wisdom about laying eggs in different baskets.

    Another example not alien to startups is the (professional) venture capitalist. A visionary, he lays his eggs (money) in different baskets in the hope that at least one of them will hatch the chicks of luck, one of which will pay for all the other tales with a less happy ending. At the same time, the capitalist saves 25% -40% for the so-called follow-on investments in those chicks, whom he considers to be the most probable luck at a late stage. But professional history shows that a real bird of fortune almost never appears from a risk-free project. In other words, in order to increase the likelihood of the appearance of just one bird of luck, you must first take on very big risks, and then minimize them. Thus, portfolio diversification is one way to minimize investment risks. By the way By itself, diversification of investments, for example, in mutants does not guarantee the appearance of a bird of luck. But more about that some other time.

    What does TIKR.ru offer in its implementation of the Investment Portfolio? No miracles in the form of yachts or horoscopic predictions about the following successes. The focus is only on stocks, and so far only on those that are traded on the MICEX. But we made a lot of efforts to make the interface simple and understandable even for beginners in the field of investments. If in the first version we were guided by the experience of Google / Yahoo Finance, then in the current release there are much more of our own developments optimized for Russian realities.

    The example below shows an example of the Retail Portfolio. This portfolio was created on the basis of the idealist’s simple assumption that companies whose services I love and use are more likely to be more successful in the long run than a smartly selected stock basket or a basket of oil and gas that I simply don’t understand. From here came the names of the familiar Seventh Continent, Pharmacy 36.6, Magnit, RBC, Dixie and GUM; their weight in the pie is proportional to the monetary equivalent in the portfolio. The return on this portfolio over the past six weeks is 8.48%. For good, it should be compared, at least with the MICEX index. This exercise can be done on the site. TIKR.ru provides opportunities for changing the portfolio, tracking the value and profitability over time using interactive graphics (yes, again on a flash!).
    habrastorage.org/getpro/habr/olpictures/2d3/79f/a40/2d379fa4063cce96a4f9ebd16ff8317e.png "width = 450 height = 353 border = 0 alt =" Retail Portfolio "hspace = 10 vspace = 10>

    As usual - I am waiting for your comments , wishes and criticism.

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