Prohibited Internet

    Ray Bradbury, having written the novel “451 ° F” in 1953, can now
    write another work (yes, the author is still living): “403:
    Forbidden”. Of course, this is an exaggeration. The Internet is hard to control,
    right? "Site has been blocked." Many of you, I am 100% sure, have not
    seen such a message during your life on the Internet. But
    many other inhabitants of the network are faced with this, and almost
    daily. Let's take a little tour. This is what Iranians can see when they try to access an invalid
    website. Perhaps a nuclear threat will spoil the mood in the morning for readers of
    foreign news: Prohibited InternetSometimes there is a more polonakonny option, with a bunch of wires:Prohibited InternetAnd this is a masterpiece of Iranian minimalism. The beauty of Prohibited Internetneighboring Pakistan also supports the desire of its citizens
    to live a righteous life. True, in part - because it blocks access
    only to very specific materials. The usual user will not notice. Prohibited InternetIn the beloved by many sunny United Arab Emirates, even the
    Internet exudes joy. Only in the UAE can you find a sign
    crossed out with pidaristic tenderness: Prohibited InternetHey, they told you once in a good way! We remind you once again, for special assholes - yes, with this one-time bag of blood: Prohibited InternetIn Qatar, photographs of beautiful girls are replaced by the image of a Man Overcoming the Sound Barrier. Circus, in a word:Prohibited InternetSaudi Arabia. Everything is much more decent than other Arabs. The green
    carpet, apologizing for cognitive dissonance, informs us
    of the unavailability of the resource. Allah Akbar. Prohibited InternetYemen is very proud to have found the Final Answer to the Question of Islam. Other answers were deemed irrelevant: Prohibited InternetIn Turkey, they did not want to say “Bu!” untrustworthy WordPress bloggers: Prohibited InternetTunisia has its own specifics - they prefer to hide objectionable content behind a
    specious screen borrowed from the French metropolis: The Prohibited InternetEast is a delicate matter. Here, for example, how the blow of the communist threat is reflected in a completely democratic South Korea: Prohibited InternetEven on the beaches of relaxed Thailand, you can’t get anywhere from the psychedelic all-seeing Eye:Prohibited InternetWhat can we say then about some kind of Singapore: Prohibited InternetInternet packages in Vietnam go to users through the difficult path of Ho Chi Minh: Prohibited InternetAnd finally, the Great Wall of China in action. How
    expressive, how verbose! Luxurious incomprehensibility defends the country
    from Mongolian network invasions: taken from hereProhibited Internet

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