Habrayashchik, Wednesday - May 28

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    Birthday .
    Remix - as it were , with pictures.

    Gadgets / Phones / PDAs / Technology :
    Glasses- TV.
    Boat on the solar panels.
    The rise of the Grand Canyon battery-powered robot.
    School petals generators .

    Development :
    Out nginx could 0.7.1 .
    Optimization of applications using ARS.
    Third Preview ASP.NET MVC .
    PostgreSQL in the largest database in the world.
    Google and the interface for AJAX libraries.

    Useful :
    New Dreamweaver, Soundbooth and Fireworks.
    Podcast clients for Windows.
    StumbleUpon plugin for Safari.

    Interesting :
    The hacker dilemma .
    On the issue of intellectual property.
    Another interview with Lebedev.
    The role of money .
    Have you ordered an explosion in Sosnovy Bor ?
    Nano jokes .

    Podcasts :
    PodStuff, Issue 37 .

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