The largest domain registration.RU this year

    It seems that the .RU domain zone is left without free three-character (CCC.RU) domains.
    Cosmonautics Day gave us a new player in the cybersquatting market. It acts ruthlessly and mercilessly - in total more than 15 thousand domains are registered. Moreover, according to the source of, which monitors the secondary speculative market in TLD domain zones, three-character names are still not fully registered in domains such as .INFO, .BIZ, .MOBI - that is, zones of global significance. Against this background, the complete eradication of CCC.RU domains looks even more surprising, but this is already a harsh reality.

    The development of events and details here:

    04/12/2008 17:49 MSK

    04/13/2008 13:44 MSK

    14:02 MSK

    And here first attempts to draw conclusions:

    Visual presentation April 12-14 :

    UPD: At 9:00 MSK 14.04 all three-character domains are over!

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