Useful Android links. Issue 2

    The second release of links to various resources on Android. The first one can be found here.

     Portals, blogs - news, forum (en). - components for Android, as well as news, forum, blog (en). - a portal about Android (en). -news, tutorials (en). - a blog of developers (en). - forum, blog, news (ru).
    Forums - forum (en). - forum (en). - forum (en). - forum (en). - forum (en). - forum (en).
    Directories - it seems like there should be software, but it did not load (en). - all on Android (en).
    Blogs - there are several articles on Android (en). - Open Handset Magazine (en).  - blog in French (fr).   - blog (en).  - blog (en).

    Russian anDroid Blog - my personal Android blog (en)


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