Khabroyashchik, Friday - April 4.

    On this significant day, April 4, I want to congratulate all webmasters on their professional holiday . I take this opportunity to say hello to mom and dad.
    Not advertising, but convenience . Every day, on my Twitter broadcast, I throw tinylink on Habroyashchik, the same nickname is shapelez .

    Events :
    Sales of Windows XP extended to 2010. As always - with some reservations .
    April 24 is a holiday on the African calendar . The release of Ubuntu Linux 8.04.
    Bear on reefs . Year 2008.
    Bring the virus to a friend . Now on flash drives.

    Design and usability :
    Create your own font , show what you are capable of.

    Gadgets / Phones / PDAs :
    Nokia N810 and music . Will we dance?
    Self-watering pots on Onegadget .
    3G on the iPhone . Should I wait for the promised 3 Years?

    Development :
    Night horror stories about PHP5.
    Memo for SEO optimizer, to the last crumb.
    Data in URL 'ah.
    Gmail and PHP are a love story .

    Useful :
    The beginning of the online store , always a free cash desk.
    Colorful ribbons on your website - arrange a holiday for yourself.
    Record a conversation on Skype , a stone in the garden lovers discuss industrial secrets.
    RSS icon , changes color as desired.
    Crowdsourcing , blacks under the sun.
    Perfect comment ?

    Interesting :
    Interview with Habrapropok - Denis Kryuchkov.
    What to do with people who do not want to work ?
    3D interface of disordered data .
    Subjective assessment of the RIF, what and how .

    Podcasts :
    Hosted Podcast, Issue 2 .
    Competition among students of Podcasters.NEXT

    Foreign : English.
    Lifehacker conducts a survey for the title of bestIM messenger.

    PS Friends, let’s move away from the habit of silent minus one today and everyone who puts a minus will drop at least a couple of lines in the comments about the reason for the negative assessment. I will take your opinion into account, I will try to explain as accurately as possible why this is so, and not otherwise.

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