Wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad

    A new, amusing product has appeared in the Brando online store - the USB Wireless Slim Keyboard + Touch Pad . The touchpad neatly (judging by the screenshots) is inscribed in the case instead of a digital keypad and, together with the 11 hot keys for calling applications and managing the media, it definitely increases the usability of this keyboard. For the home user, of course.

    Otherwise, this is a fairly ordinary keyboard with 88 standard keys (there is no numpad). Dimensions - 36 × 17.7 × 1.5 cm, weight - 552 grams. Powered by four AA batteries. To extend the battery life, you can connect the keyboard to the PC via USB.

    Among the minuses of the “layout” I note a small ENTER button (not everyone is comfortable) and an unusual arrangement of keys such as insert, delete, page up / down. But in general, the product looks good and is not sky-high - $ 57.

    via gizmodo

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