StrengthsFinder 2.0

    In my opinion, the most common management error is the incorrect selection of personnel or the incorrect distribution of responsibilities. And if the project fails for some reason, then the head should fly with the manager, and not with the subordinate. It is clear that the manager must at least superficially understand the areas over which his team is working.
    But besides this, the boss must be a good psychologist in order to choose the right team and distribute tasks. Even in the case of “I blinded him from what was” with the right approach, it is possible not to sit in a puddle. In turn, the boss should receive zp higher.
    In this post I want to talk about the approach that both my boss and top management use. Tasks among the team are distributed in accordance with the nature of a person. Immediately the thought comes in that we drank more than one “cup of tea” until we recognized each other. But this is not true. Everyone in our team passed the StrengthsFinder 2.0 self-assessment test . A test based on about 170 questions (not related to professional activities) indicates the 5 most powerful features of a person. The general idea is that you should not puff and try to do what you are not given initially. And you need to develop your strengths, and choose a job in accordance with their strengths.
    According to the results of self-assessment, we had a meeting of the whole team, which is scattered around the world. At this meeting, everyone presented their results and told what he would like to do and (most importantly) what he does not want to do or what slows him down. To the extent that coffee is bad or not free chocolate, i.e. fuel for the brain. And what is the result? As a result, I do what I like and consider (and not only me) that with high efficiency. And most importantly, everyone agreed with the objectivity (~ 98%) of the results.
    I myself do not have much experience in selecting my team. But if a miracle happens, and this time comes, then I would like to see the item StrengthsFinder Results in the CV (CV) of the future employee.
    That's all, Thank you all for your attention.

    Z.Y. When I was testing all the questions were in English, and now there is a translation into Russian.

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