Is viral advertising possible without boobs?

    Most likely, this issue is still relevant for the Affect agency . But the bottom line is that a viral video, first of all, cannot do without talent! But many “viral” agencies have problems with this ...

    However, there is some irony inherent in the Russian market. After all, there are people who know how to use Youtube to their advantage! There are places where the “deadly sins of a viral video” are described , punishing every person who starts, lack of clicks and fame. Moreover, in RuNet, the position of the keeper of viral ideas has long been designated , which, in a hasty manner, was appointed to himself by the main adherent of mobile marketing in Russia.
    Our country has all the components for creating “viral masterpieces” that GoViral and Viral Factory employees would envy ! It is a pity that so far the situation is reversed: a careful study of does not give any results. There is a feeling that some elusive component is floating in the foreign air, the lack of which prevents domestic video creators from taking any place on the list of worthy ones. For those who are looking for new ideas in boobs, we recommend taking inspiration from . For those who want to learn something, we recommend trying to refute Anton Popov , using examples on .
    Fortunately, there are young people in Moscow territories who do not identify video work with advertising and marketing! It seems that this is the main secret of talent - to do it because you want to, and not because you need to sell something. I hope that the guys will be able to escape from interacting with the Russian advertising market!

    Respect MDVision and congratulations on the plot on Russia Today .

    For those who feel the need and strength to create visible things in themselves, the well-known talent guard BBDO gives a chance to prove themselves.

    Thanks for attention!
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