Google Docs Bar - plugin for FireFox

    Google docs barMost recently, I discovered one very convenient extension for working with Google documents in FireFox. Maybe this is not the first such plug-in - but thanks to it, I began to use documents from Google more often.


    After installing gDocsBar, you log in and if necessary, save the entered data.
    " Your Gmail credentials are sent to Google directly over SSL. Your passwords are stored in Firefox Password Manager. " This means that the entered data will be transmitted using a secure protocol and the password can be saved in the FireFox Password Manager.
    Google docs bar

    Interface for managing your documents
    1 - On / off button Google Docs Bar. After installation, it will appear next to the address bar, but you yourself know very well how to transfer it.
    2- Bookmarks display documents. You can view: All types, Text, Tables, Presentations and also marked with an asterisk. Here you can sort documents by headings, date, author and change the direction of sorting.
    3 - This field will save time for anyone who will transfer documents to Google. Just drag it into this area and it will load into your documents.
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