Is opening a community of owners relevant in RuNet?

    Our first publication (announcement) on Habr regarding the idea of ​​a community of owners (Vladelia), visitors enthusiastically blundered. Well, we ourselves are to blame. “PR, sir!” People thought and had every right. Therefore, this time we decided to bring to the public our considerations regarding ethics, expediency and, probably, the needs of people to post information about their possessions on the Internet, with comments on them.

    Question 1: Who may need this at all?
    Answer: Buyers. In the presence of large volumes of such information, the selection process for the purchase of a product can be very convenient and quick. Because in matters of choosing something, there is nothing more valuable than the reviews and discussions of the real owners of what a person is going to acquire. Moreover, if you can easily communicate with the owner of a similar thing (animal, plant ...) on-line, whether he is in Moscow, Kiev, Minsk or New York. Ask him a couple of questions. Read existing discussions, reviews, impressions, wishes, view photos.

    Question 2: Why this was not before?
    Answer: There are plenty of websites where people could leave feedback on their possessions, but only within the framework of the subject of the site. But, on these sites, the emphasis is on several other points: related news, articles, reviews, tests ... but, again, only on the specifics of the site. The main theme of the site by ownership is the ownership of the people themselves. Not only mobile phones, not only computer equipment, but any (ideally, all that he has and which may appear in his life in the future) possessions of any person. All this and combine on one site. Indeed, in its pure form in RuNet, nothing like this existed.

    Question 3: Privacy, security, as with these concepts?
    Answer: That's right, these and similar questions can and should arise. As soon as it comes to possessions and property of people, questions of ethics, privacy and protection are immediately raised. This is the main thing! By the way, as always in all media, and not just on the Internet.

    Here is what should be taken into account when organizing the operation of such an Internet service:

    1. Inadmissibility of viewing personal information about the owner without his permission.
    2. Inaccessibility of viewing the entire list of possessions of an individual person;
    3. Organization of the website with support for secure protocols;
    4. Inaccessibility of viewing information on possessions without registration and authorization on the site;
    5. Hard moderation;
    6. Operational communication with the administration of the resource, both on general and technical issues;
    7. Hosting with a proven hosting provider;
    8. Thought-out regulations and rules of the website, consistent with the law;
    9. Perhaps cooperation with insurance companies. Offer users to insure their property.

    PS I am preparing to publish the second part of the article on the creation of an online community of owners, which will consider the following topics:
    - Necessary features of the online community of owners.
    - Answers to frequently asked questions.

    To be continued…

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