Korean transformer player Mobiblu Nanum

    For those who did not play enough in childhood in transformers, the Korean company Mobiblu released a new player Nanum. This player is remarkable in that it can take two forms: a banal cube (we saw a lot of such players) and a crucifix. But this is already interesting ... Why exactly the form of the crucifix? Maybe to fight the “diabolical” music? Or the spread of Christian symbols in undeveloped territories? I will be glad to hear your opinion in the comments.

    From a technical point of view, this player is nothing special - 1GB of memory, USB 2.0 port, support for MP3, WMA and WAV. Available in white, red and light green colors. Size 2.7 cm on each side.

    How can I not calm down - is this the “state order” of the Vatican?

    [ Engadget via 38gadgets.ru ]

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