Hakon Wium Lie responds to css3.info regarding petition

    Hakon Wium Lie answers some questions to ccs3.info about a directed petition with two requirements:
    1. “Stop IE and Windows or / and provide alternative browsers”
    2. “Make Microsoft follow the fundamental open standards adopted by the web development community”

    You are trying to get Microsoft to "follow the fundamental and open standards accepted by the web developer community." What standards did you mean? CSS 2.1? CSS3? HTML 4? HTML 5? Any more? What makes these standards legally competent in your opinion?

    If Microsoft fully supported the standards that it chose, then the web would be a much better place. For example, in 1998 Microsoft stated:
    “Microsoft has a dedicated committee for working with the W3C to support HTML and CSS. We have the first commercial implementation of HTML4, we have the first implementation of any part of CSS in general, and we work hard to complete CSS2. We remain committed to supporting W3C recommendations (HTML, CSS, and DOM).
    Clearly, Microsoft has not followed up on its promises to support the W3C HTML, CSS, and DOM recommendations. Therefore, Opera or the European Union do not need to set any standards — Microsoft has already done this. ”

    You sent a complaint about the delivery of IE together with Windows, why didn’t you do the same about Apple? I think MS is just an easy target for you. Microsoft will be condemned, they have a monopoly, but is Apple different?
    No, that’s a huge difference. Microsoft is a monopolist, Apple is not. The court will find out and approve the decision. A monopolist cannot use his position in one area to become a monopolist in another. Microsoft achieved IE monopoly using Windows monopoly

    Why did you send a petition now?
    First, the browser is more important now than ever before. This is not just a document viewer; it is a platform in which a web application runs. That is why it is very important that users have a real choice among browsers. That's what the petition is about: a natural choice based on competition in quality.
    Secondly, the European Court of Justice ruled in September, which is relevant to our petition. This is a case about imposing a media player with Windows. Microsoft lost, without appeal. Browsers are similar to media players, if you do not take into account that they are much more important. An important precedent has occurred.

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