Youtube party

    A wonderful event happened in Moscow yesterday: a party dedicated to the opening of the Russian version of youtube. I had the pleasure of attending it.

    There was Chad Harley (one of the founders of YouTube) and, if I don’t confuse anything, the director of Google rush.

    The musicians who became famous thanks to YouTube:

    Terra Naomi - YouTube star:

    There were no ghouls:

    It is worth noting the Masha Era collective, their performances really impressed me. Foty, unfortunately, turned out to be not the most successful with them, but on our beloved YouTube there is a video with an installation that is very similar to yesterday. Laptop music, how I liked that song yesterday!
    The clip, alas, is not able to convey the feeling of the performance, but believe me, it was awesome! Thanks Masha Era!

    And in general, the atmosphere of general fun reigned:

    In general, it was great!

    Thank youtube!

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