Winamp touch or Do not give the computer a rest!

    I decided to present to habrolyum my idea of ​​using the resources of mobile devices, which I posted on my blog . Then I received few reviews, but habra people are usually pleased with sensible comments. In addition, I recently slipped a great example of how to use mobile devices in the topic " Mobile torrents: hit of 2008 ".

    We calculate together

    There are such sites / programs that allow you to use the resources of any computer in a cluster of computers to handle any serious tasks that require very, very many calculations.

    Children's computing work

    My task is much more local and mundane. It is in the CCP's cradle. 400Mhz, 128Ram. Yes, a couple of years ago, my desktop was a little better. And this silicon lump sticks out in a cradle and relaxes. I think this is a mess =). We need to take it to work, so it would be great if there was software that allowed you to share task processing resources with a PDA. (I really hope that the comments will give links where you can download the latest developments in this direction;).

    For example, I threw two gigaby docks in a rar, I intercepted the PDA and works on the background, the desktop is free for hdtv to show porn parsing of this docks in the required format.

    In the meantime, you have to adapt the PDA for simpler tasks. (At the moment, at home this is less relevant since I bought a second monitor).

    Examples of child labor

    Therefore, while my PDA performs the role of:
    • A slideshow photo frame with a calendar - it was already built into my PDA and I liked it, the screensaver is just like that. Shows the taken pictures by default. But no one bothers to throw other pictures there. For example, beloved, family, computers;). Plus: calendar, current date and time.
    • Audio player - you upload more music to the SD, open the playlist, stick the headphones into the PDA and enjoy. The space on the big monitor is freed up from the winamp, and with a finger pointing it is more pleasant for me to change songs, volume and tyd than with a mouse / keyboard in the old fashioned way. At least some sense of technology. I can’t wait to see the big touch monitors get cheaper, so you can always just poke your finger on the big monica when it's convenient.
    • The video player - the screen is certainly small, on my home 19-inch in my corner a larger window usually hangs with BSPlayer and does not particularly interfere with the rest of the work. But still, this is already on another monitor and, again, manual control =)
    • Notebook for notes - this task is always performed by the PDA, but I want to pay attention to an example of a situation where you need several lines of text to be constantly visible. For example, current variables. Or the names of classes with a description in the new css, which I have not yet remembered.
    In general, with a button you can try to replace the lack of a second monitor and try to display on it what you would have to display on top of all the windows on the main monitor.

    For example, all sorts of diagrams are very convenient to show, so that Cheat Sheets and tables are visible .

    We look wider

    PDA yes. But there are still mobile phones, digital cameras, consoles, etc. I would like to make them work too :). For example, my router can safely write in the topic "I'm smart." He has Linux, FTP and broadcasting from a web-camera are raised on it. Hands do not reach yet, but they itch, itch to strain it with something else =).

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