The future of the “last mile” cable for plastic?

    A promising way to solve the problem of the "last mile" when laying network cables was proposed by Korean scientists. The staff of the Korean Institute of Science and Technology has developed a plastic fiber-optic cable, with the ability to transfer data through it at speeds up to 2.5 Gbit per second.

    According to scientists, copper cables (twisted pair), providing the “last mile” bandwidth of up to 100 Mbit per second in the near future will not be enough. And, since the use of "glass" fiber-optic cables "on the spot" in view of their increased fragility and high cost is impractical, a cable with plastic instead of glass will be most welcome. It is flexible, relatively cheap compared to a traditional fiber-optic cable (by the way, Koreans do not indicate any numbers, since the solution is still far from commercializing) and provides data transfer 25 times faster than when using a twisted pair cable.

    via 3DNews

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