RBC bought a bank and will develop its Internet payment system

    Most recently, the news ran through the purchase of RBC payment system RUPEY for $ 5 million. And literally today, CNEWS published news about the purchase of a commercial bank.

    I will bring the text of the news here ...

    RBC Information Systems announced the conclusion of an agreement on the acquisition of Burg Capital Bank. The purpose of this transaction is to create a complete banking system for Internet payments in Russia. RBC does not plan to provide traditional banking services on the basis of Burg Capital Bank, but intends to use it as a settlement center.

    Burg Capital Bank was registered in August 1994 in Moscow and has licenses for banking operations in rubles and foreign currency with funds of individuals and legal entities, as well as licenses for brokerage and dealer activities. Prior to the sale of RBC, the bank belonged to the Swiss owners.

    The equity capital of Burg Capital Bank as of October 1, 2007 amounted to 220 million rubles. At a meeting of the bank’s extraordinary shareholders meeting on November 20, 2007, a decision was approved to rename Burg Capital Bank to RBC Bank, and a new supervisory board was elected, most of which were received by representatives of RBC. Details of the transaction cannot be disclosed until it is approved by the regulatory authorities.

    “The development of e-commerce is constrained by the lack of a widely used Internet payment system. The number of companies actively involved in electronic commerce, and the volumes of funds passing through them, are insignificant in comparison with other countries. A very small group of people in Russia pay for goods and services on the Internet using pre-paid cards. Even fewer people use plastic cards on the Internet for security reasons. Therefore, unlike the West, large purchases in Russia are not carried out through Internet payments, i.e. People choose goods online, but usually pay in cash, ”said German Kaplun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RBC.

    “We believe that this market has tremendous growth potential. Using the bank’s infrastructure, we expect to bring to the market a reliable, easy to use and convenient payment system that will fundamentally change the current situation. Due to the high loyalty of its multimillion-dollar audience, RBC expects to make this system truly massive, ”added German Kaplun.

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