If you want an e-mail, get a job

    Blogger Nikita wants to get himself a mailbox of the form firstname@namename.ru. The desire is normal and understandable. But the fact is that his last name is Runner.
    My hysteria with this domain has been going on for many years. I wanted to sue and sue them! But I realized that I had no chance and asked to give me the mailbox nikita@begun.ru. It was about 5 years ago.
    More recently, I contacted Alexander, on the Internet better known as 2Bad, and began to beg for his mailbox. However, he explained to me that this is impossible and in order to get such a box I need to get a job with them. Since then I have been preparing a brilliant plan for the device in the "Runner".

    Noteworthy is the fact that the Begun employees quickly answered him on the corporate blog.

    I wonder if there is any Nikita Direct or Nikita Rohrer in the world? .. Nikita Habrahabr?

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