Rating of web studios 2008: new criteria, change of organizers

    TAGLINE Expert Group
    Hi, Habr. I want to say just a few words about how the Tagline rating “TOP-100 Runet Web Studio 2008” will be built .

    In 2008, the Tagline group will evaluate not only the turnover of companies and not only according to expert estimates. It is planned to introduce such indicators as:

    market share according to expert assessment / actual according to the Tagline data the
    company’s reputation in the professional / non-professional environment the
    quality of the company
    's best works the degree of satisfaction with customer interactions
    niche and price positioning
    In addition, Tagline plans to attract a number of well-known sponsors in the IT industry and conduct an offline event dedicated to the project. A number of steps will also be taken to form a professional community of market players (possibly in alliance with any groups that are already moving in this direction). The rating and market research will be launched in February 2008.

    I also want to make a small announcement: The

    rating will develop, as well as other Tagline projects.But then without me. I was invited to return to ADV / web-engineering as Director of Marketing and PR. It is especially pleasant that the invitation coincided with the eve of the 10th anniversary of the company. I hope that together we can truly “blow up” the market. ADV grows faster than the market, so we have all the opportunities for this.

    Of course, I will advise the guys from TEGLINE on how to make the project rating as effective and objective as possible. But as far as I go over to the side of one of the market players, rating would be a little strange.

    By the way, it is worth saying that the ideas of market formation and various kinds of research were not in vain - recently a number of projects have been activated that are also working in this direction - CNEWS plans to conduct its web development rating, the project “bestwebdev.ru” has opened, on which a certain rating of studios and projects is also presented.

    And the Tagline group will continue to operate without me. Good luck to the guys! =)

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