RAID array from flash cards using Addonics adapter

    Using the new Addonics Technologies Quad Quad PCI Adapter (AD4CFPRJ) PCI adapter, you can add up to four Compact Flash (CF) expansion flash cards to the system to form a RAID array.

    The Quad CF PCI Adapter is installed in the PCI slot. Moreover, its compactness allows you to place a novelty in the case of reduced height. The device is compatible with operating systems DOS, Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, as well as Linux kernel 2.4. It supports UDMA, DMA and PIO modes and allows you to configure connected CF cards as one large volume, as several independent volumes (by the number of cards) and as a RAID array with RAID modes 0, 1 and 10.

    The cost of Quad CF PCI Adapter is $ 50.

    via Yahoo! News

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