Reinvent the bike ...

    I have always been of the opinion that reinventing the wheel is not so bad. Those. I always, when making a project, write all the php \ perl \ c code myself, write all the js code myself, without using the frameworks, etc. Maybe this is my minus, maybe it's stupid and the project with me at the helm will take more time. However, I believe that such a project will be at least more unique and more suitable for this task than any other, even with minimal use of ready-made solutions. For a long time I’ve been trying to prove to nobody that it’s good and cool, because I’m tired of already encountering misunderstanding. People in our century value their time and money more than the quality of their products. Perhaps this is correct, in terms of self-enrichment, but not self-development. How can you understand the problem from all sides if you stupidly solve the problem with a ready-made solution?
    Maybe I'm too drunk right now to come up with good examples =))) however. Remember all the recent videoabout alcoholism? Class, right? Have you noticed that the author has all the information about this topic, that he, as I like to say, “knows the problem from all its sides, can twist it in his hands the way he needs”? Note that he almost immediately says “if you look at the process under a microscope”, he was on an excursion at the factory for the production of sparkling wines, etc. This is a man who didn’t just read in textbooks “such bacteria process glucose / sucrose and other things on c2h5oh”, this is a man who observed this process under a microscope, he saw these very bacteria with “eyes” (in fact, the nucleus, as I remember), with his mouth (antennae / flagella), he was on excursions, etc. Could have been in so much detail, and most importantly accessible, did he tell all this without knowing the problem from all sides? I doubt it. And now the question. Can this person, with his knowledge of the topic, optimize her? Yes!
    Returning to our rams, we ask ourselves a question. Can we, knowing everything about the bicycle (why the wheels should be round, what their diameter should be, how long the steering wheel should be, what shape it should be and whether it affects the workability, etc.) to make the best bike for a specific purpose? Can we “invent” a bicycle for our specific task?
    Those who answer “no, you can’t reinvent the wheel”, let them try to make a “Bunny Hop” on a circus tricycle or go down the mountain on the “Stork”.
    Probably all ...
    PSPeople, do not be lazy, study your problems. Especially if you are young and not experienced.

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