Eight Technorati employees fired; CEO of the company leaves his post

    David Sifry, founder of the blogging search engine Technorati , has ceded his position as CEO. After an unsuccessful search for his own replacement, he decided, no matter what, to cede his position, while remaining the chairman of the board of directors. Power will now be shared by Teresa Malo, chief financial officer, Dorion Carroll, vice president of development, and Derek Gordon, vice president of marketing. The vacancy of the CEO is still open.

    A very disturbing sign is the dismissal of eight full-time employees in order to reduce costs.

    What is now at Technorati? Hard to tell. They are losing their primary users who are switching to the side of Google Blog Search. A recent redesign seems to increase this trend, as it puts multimedia in the first place, and search in the second. Meanwhile, most of their traffic comes from Technorati tags found on Google. It is worth noting that tags can be excluded from the Google index so that search results do not lead to other search results. Maybe you should go back to basics?

    via Mashable

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