Good evil

    When I published a post in May with a proposal or even in order to elicit your opinion on organizing a party for IT professionals, I did not receive negative reviews, more positive reviews, or even offers of cooperation.

    A week ago I post a post in order to tell you about the opening of a site on which you can register for this party, I did not receive a single comment, but they were bombarded to smithereens. God blessed him, but is the idea really bad? Then the truth is, someone wrote something essentially.

    Tell me, you are all those who work in IT, anyway, in which segment of this large area, would you like to come to the party, on the last day of summer, in a good place, with good music from famous DJs, with the same professionals as you . I will never believe that no. Yes, even to get acquainted, I'm not talking about relationships with the goal of mutual enrichment or business development.

    Maybe I don’t understand something in this life, but everything will happen!
    Everyone who cares about the people of the IT industry, everyone who wants to have a good and profitable time, please. The link is in the previous posts.

    PS - not for the sake of PR or advertising (there are absolutely no problems with this), for the sake of getting out of confusion! Thanks!


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