Article 146 as a new source of income

    In order not to be charged under an “extremist” article for criticizing the Russian authorities, I’ll say that all of the following does not apply to Russia. It will be about the fictitious country of Rabolepieus. All coincidences are accidental, events are fictitious, and our authorities, police and courts are the most honest, competent, incorruptible in the whole world.

    So, in Rabolepia, before joining the FTF (Fsimirnaya Targ Organizatsia), they began a vigorous ostentatious activity to combat violators of copyright and related rights. As usual, Rabolepiei officials are ready to show their forehead for show. But only, of course, not his forehead.

    The competent legislators of Rabolepieu passed the necessary laws, and honest and incorruptible servile policemen began to catch scary pirates. So scary that the pirates were given as much as 6 years each, more than for another murder!

    As usual, the savvy officials of Rabolepius found ways to make laws pour water into their mills and mills.

    Method number 1. Custom elimination of a competitor.
    Suppose you need a thread of a reputable businessman to close a competitor. Or paralyze his work. If a competitor works in the field of high technology, then it cannot be taken by old proven methods such as SES. The license can not be taken away, the frequency or the field too. In such cases, authoritative businessmen of Rabolepieia will always be helped by cunning servile servants of disorder. For a modest amount, they organize a check in the office of an ordered competitor, “experts” pour a thread of software from the USB flash drive, after which the directors of the ordered company are waiting for long trials. The method is good in that for this case you can seize computers, drag a person through the courts. Even if a person proves innocence (they wanted to shred all presumptions in Rabolepius), he will still incur enormous losses due to the downtime of the company. The servile police and bureaucrats are, as always, in complete safety.

    Method number 2. Just extortion.
    Weeks pass, and there are no and no orders for elimination. What to do to hungry officials and police of the country of Rabolepie? Go hunting! The method is the same: computers “check” them, seize them, and they say to the director of the company: “My friend, you and we understand that you are not to blame. You are only to blame for what we want to eat. Of course, we won’t find anything there (but if you scramble, we will find you for six years), but how will you work without computers? You, of course, brother, you pay taxes regularly and your salaries are white. But we have a dream - a villa in Nice. So drive the loot, the common cattle, for we are princes here. Take article 146 and do whatever we want with you. ”

    Of course, this is just a fantastic story. I do not pretend to laurels "1984".

    Source of inspiration. Read twice.

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