To the barrier, gentlemen! or a duel in a virtual

    Gotta repent. He promised everyone and myself, too, that I would no longer write about “what is bad” on today's social web. Only about “what to do” so that he is good. Even two new notes are almost finished on this subject. But I can not help it ... Only one of the quotes:
    Author, you - fuck ** b. Not because there are a lot of bukafs, but for a wise ** philosophical position. You want to minus, you want to ban, but here I openly express my position: the author is a fascist dolb ** b. Your time machine is broken, fix it and roll into your 19th century!

    The above comment is taken from the discussion of one of my notes . Spelling and vocabulary saved. Used only "fig leaves".

    You know, in my entire life I have not received so many insults as in the few months at the front of the struggle with the little evil men of the virtual world. And, probably, there is nothing to be surprised. We all say that the virtual world is a model of the real. Nothing like this. Significantly worse. In real life, we sit at work next to a smart little boy with glasses. We meet on the stairwell a nice neighbor walking at least a cute dog. And it never comes to my mind what kind of masterpieces they’re (I’m not talking about a dog) in a public toilet, for example. What can we say about the virtual world, in particular, where administrations of good, in general, resources calmly monitor how they gradually turn into stinking latrine, where you don’t want to let your children go. And not only removed herself from the elementary order,recently made the owner of digg, that democracy is above all for them. Well, well, these are the Americans, who fortunately do not know what the power of the crowd is. But in RuNet, where everyone knows what Sharovikov’s freedom leads to ...

    However, let us return to the above quote. If we discard the places covered by fig leaves, then this is a whole ideology. I already commented on it somewhere. Now I just want to use one moment. Since I was reminded of the 19th century, why not take advantage of one very good tradition of those times?

    So, I challenge any representative of the breed of little evil men to a duel. Unfortunately, a virtual duel.It is not yet prohibited by law. However, as with any duel, life will be at stake. In this case, also virtual. I offer the loser to abandon his image (nickname, avatar, etc.), which he has on popular sites. Say the same news2, habrahabr, livejournal, blogger.

    Read more about how I imagine it, read on my iTech Bridge blog (this is instead of habracut :)), access to which, by the way, is closed from today (the worst forecasts, unfortunately, come true)

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