Radar warns parents of “bad” calls to their children

    Already several hundred people have become users of the Radar service, which allows parents, relatively speaking, to monitor their children remotely.

    For example, 15-year-old Joshua Broomfield, whose parents were one of the first to subscribe to the service, is under the scrutiny of his “ancestors” who receive a text message on their mobile phones every time someone who is not registered in the “white list” calls their son ".

    Using software from Radar costs about $ 10 per month, and until recently the system only worked with BlackBerry smartphones, but soon the owner of the service, eAgency Systems, had already negotiated with Motorola.

    This service has supplemented a number of existing ones - for example, starting from last year, parents can learn about the whereabouts of their children thanks to phones with a built-in GPS module.

    via CNet

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