New Runner employee

    Special signs: does not go to the office, does not carry a laptop with him, does not keep blogs and does not know at all what contextual advertising is. And which one of them is the Runner then, you ask?

    Yes, the real one. Acinonyx jubatus. Simply put, cheetah. It is he who is the best runner among mammals and an excellent hunter. Strong, graceful, fast. Having chosen a goal, he reaches it in 90% of cases, gaining amazing speed for the animal - up to 100 km / h. Unable to resist his amazing qualities, we decided to take the cheetah in the Moscow Zoo under our care. After all, these amazing creatures are becoming less and less on Earth, and may not remain at all. In addition, we perforce feel a kinship with him: healthy aggression, vitality and the desire to achieve goals - this is what unites us.

    Such a new employee:

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