PHP library for generating 2D Semacode barcode

    Existing QR Codes barcode formats and their analogue Datamatrix , unlike the usual “strips”, can store a significantly larger amount of information, reaching up to several kilobytes. They can even be read using a regular mobile phone.

    Using special readers, for example, Kaywa reader, information can be transferred from a printed source to a mobile phone using its camera. So a picture with a 2D barcode can be photographed and transformed into a VCard format phone book entry.

    Wikipedia devoted a separate resource to Semacode - Semapedia (there, by the way, there is the opportunity to choose a reader for your phone model).
    Now, to generate a PNG image of a two-dimensional barcode, a PHP library has also appeared, which can be downloaded here .
    You can see the work of the library here .
    via PHP {Inside}

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