About advertising and my frustration 2.0

    Any site, no matter how good it should be, should advertise itself. Because without ads, users simply don’t know about this wonderful site.

    Advertising sites is different. It happens that some materials, features, that is, content , are advertised . It happens that the site introduces closed testing mode , and the entrance - only to testers, by invitation. Another site can become a sponsor of another site, and receive traffic also from a sponsored page. In general, there are many options ... In any case, the advertisement must be honest with the user - because if there is some kind of fraud in the advertisement, then the user will not like it at all, but even vice versa.

    And when there are no options for honest advertising, dishonest ones begin. The advertisement begins to say what is actually not there, and many users, as a rule, are led to this. If this option also doesn’t work ... Then it starts frankly entrancing: we all have heard the phrases “collect 10 caps ... buy 21 packs ... and we will give you ...” (then the options go, starting with Mercedes and ending with another bottle-package-chocolate) ... and you will be HAPPY! ”. Such phrases are often made a loud statement, something like “hurry! the number of prizes is limited! ”

    I do not know, maybe there are people who are doing all this. If there were no such people, there would be no such actions. I even assume that all of these prizes actually exist (well, if not a Mercedes, then one more bottle for sure). And there are probably people who have won at least something in such promotions ...

    I don’t understand the other. Why lure people in these ways? No, I know, advertising is the engine of progress, and in general, all means are good in competition ... Well, all right, for simple crackers and chips, such advertising. That's why they are chips.

    But when one of the largest websites in its niche, Runet, sent me the following letter ... At first I thought it was phishing. But no, the letter is clearly real. Here it is.

    Hello FanXFire. This is Memori.ru with short and curious information.

    From today on the website the action "Invite friends to Memori - get $ 100" starts. Each registered user of Memori.ru can participate in the promotion. The conditions are simple - you invite your friends to register at Memori and the more friends you invite, the better your chances of getting a prize.

    The campaign will be held from May 18 to June 18, 2007. The

    first 10 participants, at whose invitation the most friends are registered, will receive $ 100 each, the second 10 participants will receive $ 50 each, and the third 10 participants will receive $ 25 each. Thus, the first thirty active users will receive cash prizes.

    The essence of the action is simple - tell Memori about your friends and acquaintances, explain to them what is the beauty and convenience of social bookmarking. No doubt they will also enjoy using our service.

    For the terms of the promotion and real-time statistics, see the contest page - memori.ru/konkurs

    Participate in the promotion! Invite your friends to Memori and get a prize!

    * -
    Sincerely, administration of
    the Memori.ru project memori.ru

    To be honest, I was even upset. Why is the largest portal such advertising? If the service is good (and it is really good), then people will use it and call friends. And if it’s bad, then friends will come running, they will receive all their money ... And more friends will not come to this site. A good site needs to advertise its good features and virtues! And do not frankly lure people with money.

    So I was disappointed in this site. Anti-advertising turned out. And what do you think?

    - PS All of the above is my humble opinion. If you don’t like something or don’t agree with me, write a comment. I wonder what you think about this! ;)
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