The future of online media is far from bright

    I quote:

    “The section“ Internet and Copyright: Who is Stronger? .. ”was almost entirely devoted to the introduction of the IV part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on January 1, 2008. The discussion was stormy.

    According to the speakers, from January 1, almost all sites of the Russian Federation can be closed, since the publication of copyright materials on the site will be possible only if there is a written agreement with the author.

    Moreover, even messages from forums fall under the category of “copyrighted material”.

    Domains are equated to trademarks. The priority of the domain in relation to the trademark is introduced. Those. if, when considering an application for registration of a trademark, it turns out that a similar domain was registered earlier, then the trademark will not be registered. Since registration of a trademark is not a quick procedure, there is a lot of scope for cybersquatters.

    Anton Kuznetsov from the Office of K (Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation) told what information posted on the website would attract the close attention of their organization (he asked for more details to look at Federal Law No. 114 (extremism), the law on elections and the Criminal Code).

    Anton also explained that even if the site has only a link to a counterfeit file lying on another server, the owner is still subject to Art. 146 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (acquisition, storage, transportation of counterfeit copies of works or phonograms for the purpose of marketing). ”

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