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    One of the locomotives of RBC’s entertainment business, the Loveplanet dating service , has embarked on a new round of mastering the advertising budget. At the same time, the incredible length of the charisma of the portal, which has grown over two years of existence, is voiced. Of course, in comparison with the leader, whom they are trying to catch up with. And now a little bit of arithmetic.

    As you know, there are two parameters by which you can measure the market share of a player on the Internet. This is an audience and money.

    Lecture hall

    The official open statistics of Loveplanet shows us that the portal now has a small 5 million registered users, about 20 thousand registrations per day and the same number of people on-line. At the same time, representatives of LP boast about the volume of the audience accumulated over two years, blaming the competitor (yes, we are talking about "Mamba" ) on its main partners - Rambler and Mail.ru. Like, while they live there, we are developing an affiliate network.

    On this occasion, you can notice the following. First of all, Mamba cleans dead profiles, unlike the opponent. The 9 million users declared on the site are people logged in to the system over the past 7 months. If you pick up data for the last two years, this figure will increase at least twice, or rather even triple. Secondly, Loveplanet stubbornly does not show (and does not answer the question) the number of active users of the system. “Mamba” has 4 million people logging in every month. Thirdly, the Mamba affiliate program is 8 thousand sites that reduce the total share of the two largest partners to an uncritical volume.


    RBC will spend several million dollars on promoting Loveplanet during the year. Presumably - up to $ 10 million. With the above-mentioned audience volumes, the portal will end the fiscal year in a deep minus. It is clear that the management of MediaMir, an entertainment company in RBC, does not expect a quick return of these funds. Nevertheless, it’s also not necessary to talk about championship in this indicator.


    The recipe for a win-win business in Russian: copy the idea of ​​a leader, sell to a wealthy investor and begin to measure electronic leader letters with the leader.

    We will also not forget that at the present time there are several more sites in the dating market on the Russian Internet with a claim to toughness. For example,
    24open.ru, which has been promoted exclusively from TV screens for several years. The statistics for this project are open.

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