"Firefighters are looking, the police are looking ...". Leo Kuvaev - gray cardinal of spam

    The Times, a British newspaper, published an article describing the atrocities of Leonid Kuvaev and the spam group he organized, guilty of advertising Viagra and brokerage services.

    The FBI is looking for a Russian programmer: while living in the USA, Leo was already a “bad guy,” or rather, “the leader of the world empire of spammers.” The British are dissatisfied with the recent wave of unsolicited emails, for the organization of which, as often happens, ordinary computers infected with the virus were used.

    The only thing that saves Kuvaev from the FBI punishment so far is Russian justice, which is reluctant to contact. It is quite possible to understand this justice: in Russian legislation there is no clear regulation of spam issues - as, indeed, activities on the Internet in general.

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