Cloud in Total Commander

    Yes, this is exactly what you submitted. Access to as a disk right inside the file manager. Link at the end of the article.

    And TC learned to show icons in tabs!

    Let's be frank: the no-alternative mechanism for working with the cloud through synchronization is very inconvenient. In fact, the user does not have full control over single files; all that a standard client offers to him is the two-way mirroring of the data he specifies. If, however, we need to move away from this scenario, say, download a single file on an unsynchronized device from a cloud archive, you have to launch a browser and try to do something through a web interface that doesn’t even have a search. Considering that the contents of the cloud catalogs load as you scroll, a browser search may not help.
    There are other cases in which work with the cloud becomes difficult. Access to the cloud by webdav, which would solve all problems, is disabled (although it worked for some time after starting the service).
    At the same time, the service provides a fairly significant amount of storage free of charge ( everyone remembers terra-byte distribution ?), I have never noticed the speed limiting, and for all the time I worked with the service, I didn’t have any complaints about it. For backup and forwarding of not-too-private data, cloud fits very well. Customer limitations are the only problem.

    Once it is - it is necessary to solve it.
    At first there was an idea to reverse the standard client work protocol. I do not know how much time and effort it would take; Fortunately , this article came across , containing an analysis of the internal cloud API. When it became clear which way to dig, a partial implementation of the PHP API was found . The rest turned out to be a matter of time: focusing on this data, I riveted the plugin for Total Commander.
    The principle of its operation is simple: the plugin pretends to be a browser that performs AJAX requests to the cloud, in general, the technical part is described quite well in the above article. It was funny, perhaps, to implement this principle on Delphi (well, what I can do): it was like returning 16 years ago; despite all modern unicode and multiplatform, little has changed for the developer since Delphi 7.

    Now the plugin is completely run-in, and has all the necessary functionality, including the generation of public links “on the fly” (Alt + Enter), unless the hands do not reach the support of two-factor authorization (pull-requests are accepted).
    The code is written, as mentioned above, in Delphi, and under Total Commander, but the source code is open under GNU GPL v3.0, and anyone can create an extension for the preferred file manager themselves.

    A reference to the sources and binaries (x32 / x64): GitHub .

    Yes, I did not find any restrictions on the creation / use of third-party clients in the user agreement of the service. Technically, the plugin is equivalent to the browser (although not particularly disguised), and therefore its use can only be limited administratively. In any case, it would be interesting for me to hear the opinion of representatives on this issue ( UPD: it is quite positive ).

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