Internet TV appeared on the Internet

    The Habra Edition received a press release of the following content. It seems that this is a really interesting project, one of the first Web 2.0 projects on the Internet (of course, after podcasting ).

    A new media resource with video content ITV.BY has started in Belarus .

    No, we are not talking about the next file archive with predictable and standard content. The Internet begins broadcasting a new media outlet, a unique symbiosis of traditional television and the interactive capabilities of the global web.

    Every day, ITV.BY invites its users to get acquainted with the news of the country, the world, business, culture, science and art, sports, urban life through audiovisual content. Every day, the resource accumulates the best stories of broadcasting, satellite and cable TV channels from around the world, and the user can choose with whose point of view on the events he wants to get to know.

    In addition to a wide variety of news, ITV.BY gives you the opportunity to plunge into the vibrant world of sports, music, entertainment and cinema. Plunge into the world of quality licensed video, as one of the main principles of the resource is a guarantee of copyright.

    ITV.BY invites visitors to choose for themselves what and in what sequence to watch. And this is not just a new style of media consumption, it is a radically different principle. From now on, you can make up your own television program, as well as compare, analyze, speak out, exchange opinions, etc. And this means that you can model your own information space.

    Due to the features of the content, access to the resource can only be obtained via broadband communication lines. Technically, servers with video content are located within the peering ring of Minsk, so resource traffic is purely internal.

    ITV.BY is a real revolution in the minds of media consumers. This is a different consciousness of society. This is a real media revolution!

    ITV.BY encourages you to take a fresh look at the possibilities of the Internet. ITV.BY encourages you to watch the Internet.

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