“But I don’t run around the reception rooms”

    Vedomosti lacked materials for a lawsuit

    . You can safely copy and paste , in which case there will be procedural errors. As if nothing had happened.

    “RBC is confident that they managed to win the trial thanks to procedural errors made by Vedomosti. Lawyer Vadim Uskov, who defended the interests of the agency, explained that Vedomosti submitted to the court only labor contracts with the authors of the articles, whereas under the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, this was not enough. “They should also have submitted copyright agreements,” he explained. “In addition, the publication was dealt with by RBC OJSC, a public company, while the agency was established by another legal entity - RBC CJSC.” RBC General Director Yuri Rovensky added that the court decision seemed “logical” to him: “The court simply accepted our arguments.”

    Bonus: discussion on the Vedomosti website.

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