LiveJournal has been updated: a content categorization system has been introduced with AI elements

    LiveJournal today announced significant platform updates. One of them is automatic categorization of content. The developers describe it in the following way: “The content categorization system is a system for the intellectual analysis of texts, built on the basis of statistical and linguistic methods for analyzing the Russian language with machine learning elements.”

    In practice, LJ processes all created entries in journals, distributing them into subject categories. The maximum number of categories that can be assigned to one entry is three. All of them are displayed on the recording page.

    If the system cannot independently determine the subject of the record, then the category is not assigned. The new system, according to representatives of the platform, contains elements of artificial intelligence. She is trained on the data she receives, so that over time the platform will become more intelligent.

    If the author of the entry believes that the platform has assigned an erroneous category, then it can be changed. The result will also be used by the system for training.

    The introduction of the categorization system allowed us to build cross-cutting categories between the main page and ratings, so that on the main page of LiveJournal and in the ratings almost the same set of categories. Changes make it possible to get readers, even beginners, because the records fall into selections on different topics.

    In addition, the personal recommendation system works, which is part of the categorization system. Other changes concern the search string on the main page, the addition of a block with friends' entries, and the possibility to recommend your entries to the LJ editorial staff.

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