CryEngine 5.1 source code published on Github

    The German company Crytek decided to publish on Github the source code of the CryEngine game engine (latest version 5.1). Move the repository on Github decided recently . The developers say that using the Git version control system is much more convenient to compare revisions and track changes.

    CryEngine is written in C ++. Previously, new versions of the engine with source code were released in zip-archives. To determine which changes were made, it was necessary to unpack the archives of the previous and new versions and compare the files. Git makes everything easier. In addition, the publication on Github, according to some experts, motivates the open-source developer community to optimize the Linux / OpenGL / Vulkan engine.

    In addition, it will be more convenient for users to keep CryEngine up to date, since merging code branches is a key advantage of Github, says Crytek lead engineer David Kaye.

    The repository contains instructions on how to work with the Git system and the CryEngine repository.

    To compile CryEngine, you need to download the SDK for a specific version of the engine, see the instructions for further actions here .

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    On CryEngine of different versions, many excellent games were made from different game studios that licensed the engine: Far Cry, Crysis, Entropia Universe, Blue Mars, Warface, Homefront: The Revolution, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Armored Warfare, Evolve and many others .

    Use of the engine is still subject to license terms .

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