Elon Musk announces Tesla Model 3 with two motors

    Tesla Inc. developed an all-wheel drive modification of the Model 3 electric car, which is equipped with two electric motors. This is no longer a budget car, since its price is $ 78 thousand, but the car can continue to move even if one of its engines is out of order.

    According to Musk himself, riding on this car is simply “amazing.” The modified Model 3 can accelerate to 96 km / h in just 3.5 seconds, its maximum speed is 250 km / h, and the power reserve is about 500 km.

    One of the engines is located in front, the second - in the rear of the car. Engines have a different "specialization." The first was optimized to ensure high dynamic characteristics of the car, and the second - for the longest possible run between two recharges.

    The declared price of $ 78 thousand does not include autopilot. According to Musk, a Tesla Model 3 with two engines costs about the same as a BMW M3, but it is 15% faster than its competitor and has better controls. The entrepreneur is confident that on the highway an electric car will bypass all competitors in its class.

    It is worth recalling that in the same year the company introduced Tesla Semi unmanned trucks, which successfully coped with their task - delivering goods from point “A” to point “B”. Pre-orders have already been made. So, PepsiCo Corporation has ordered 100 trucks. Also, applications for a number of smart trucks were left by companies such as Walmart, the transport company JB Hunt Transport Services, Sysco Corporation, and the logistics company DHL.

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