How to make money on stocks without speculation: 5 companies with high dividends

    Not everyone knows, but in the Russian financial market, one of the most popular strategies for investing and saving funds is not active speculation, but the receipt of dividend payments.

    According to statistics, the profitability of payments of domestic companies is at one of the highest levels in the world - about 6%, and according to analysts, in 2019 this figure may reach a record 7%, and the total volume of payments - grow to 10% of the total market capitalization . The numbers may not seem very large, but in fact there are companies that pay dividends with a yield of 12-18%.

    I decided to study the issue and tell you about the shares of the most generous dividends of Russian companies.

    Surgutneftegas - yield 18%

    According to the results of market research from RBC, the most profitable from the point of view of dividends in 2019 were privileged securities of Surgutneftegaz. According to analysts, they are able to bring the investor a return of 18%.

    According to open statistics, last year the company paid 1.38 rubles per preferred share to its shareholders. In 2019, the volume of payments may be about 7 rubles per share. In 2019, the stock price fluctuates around 40-41 rubles apiece.

    Data: Moscow Exchange

    NLMK, 14%

    According to forecasts published on RBC, this year the company can pay shareholders more than 21 rubles per share - this will correspond to a yield of 14%.

    At NLMK, dividend payments are tied to the company's debt level, and now it is low, so the risk of lower payments is minimal. At the same time, the company makes payments four times a year, and spends more on dividends than is required by the charter.

    Bashneft, 13.4%

    Another rather generous company on the list is Bashneft. The organization has a policy according to which the minimum dividend payout ratio is set at 25% of IFRS net profit.

    At the end of 2018, the company's net profit amounted to $ 98.4 billion. Calculations show that this corresponds to payments of 250 rubles per preferred share (now the paper costs $ 1775 apiece).

    Tatneft, 12%

    Over the past year, the oil company almost doubled its net profit. According to the rules, Tatneft shareholders can receive 50% of net profit under RAS or IFRS. Analysts' calculations suggest that 63.6 rubles per share can be used to pay dividends. This will correspond to a yield of 12%.

    Analysts assess the likelihood that payments for holders of preferred shares this year will remain at this level as high.

    MTS, 10%

    According to estimates, the dividend yield of ordinary shares of MTS may be 10.7%, while a decrease to the level of 10.2-10.4% is possible. In general, shareholders have been paid more than 25 rubles per share for many years.

    When working with companies focused on the consumer market, it is worth considering the risks of such a model - the population is not getting rich, which can affect revenue. There is no such dependence in case of shares of exporting companies. However, it makes sense to allocate some place in your portfolio for such shares.

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