Psychologists: sex robots will lead to an increase in the number of people without a couple who do not need relationships with other people

    Systems that are commonly called sex robots are becoming more sophisticated. Many stores sell technologically advanced models that are very similar to people and even know how to communicate with their owners. Some scientists believe that the time is not far off when robots will be "prescribed" to patients who suffer from various kinds of sexual dysfunctions.

    This opportunity was discussed by participants in the Mental Health Symposium in early June. Symposium participants examined the possible dangers of the gradual popularization of sex robots.

    As mentioned above, the quality of robots is becoming higher, in a few years (maybe a couple of decades) they will become completely indistinguishable from humans. And lovers of sexual pleasures will be able to embody with partner robotsany of your wildest fantasies . All this will help get rid of psychological problems for people who are afraid to enter into a relationship with human partners. It may well be that medical insurance will cover the acquisition and maintenance of robots.

    But there are also disadvantages to this. So, psychologists believe that there is a non-zero probability of the formation of unjustified expectations from relationships with people from those who already had experience of sexual pleasures with robots. This problem is typical even now, for example, for teenagers who watch pornography and then transfer their impressions and expectations to real life.

    Robots, like pornography now, will become an excess stimulus. This is a term in psychology that means SUPERNORMAL STIMULE - a model of a key stimulus exaggerated in one or several parameters, causing some kind of specific reaction such as a “complex of fixed actions” with a greater degree of severity than the originally modeled stimulus.

    It is important to note that excess stimuli can form illusory images and expectations. In the modern world of people, supernatural stimuli are man-made technological products that provide short-term emotional and / or physiological benefits. But since these products are evolutionarily unnatural, they quite often do not lead to any long-term evolutionary benefits (such as strong relationships with a partner and / or long-term reproductive benefits). On the other hand, all this can be an independent way of the evolution of mankind, where technological factors are also woven into the process of evolution.

    In practice, this will result in an increase in the number of people without a pair. The fact is that since sex robots are ideal partners for many, they can negatively affect people's relationships, making sex with people less attractive. The quality of intimate life will fall, and the motivation for finding a partner in real life will begin to decline.

    The number of people who cannot or do not want to start a relationship is constantly increasing (this is especially true for Japan). After sex robots become familiar and common, the situation will worsen even more. The relationship of couples, in terms of sex, will also deteriorate - of course, not always, but in a large number of cases.

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